Power and Water and Bread (oh my)!

02.22.19 | by Rev Dave Buerstetta

Political corruption.
Sex scandal.
False imprisonment.
State-sponsored violence against the oppressed.
Grotesque presentation of a mutilated body.
Fleeing family.
Hungry (and grumpy) associates.
Oh, and a possible ghost sighting.



A rundown of WGN news stories this week? 
A synopsis of the latest from Stephen King?
A preview from the new season of Game of Thrones?


Just an overview of this week’s gospel lesson from Matthew chapter 14.

 Each one of these three stories could easily be its own stand-alone story — so why did Matthew put them together like this?

Why do these stories simultaneously seem so foreign to our experience and yet so familiar?

How might we emulate Peter’s bold faith as we seek to worship and follow Jesus today?

 Join us this Sunday, February 24th as Pastor Dave tackles these ideas and more in his sermon, “Power and Water and Bread (oh my)!

All are welcome!

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