Arts of Healing

10.08.21 | by Rev Dave Buerstetta

“She has the patience of Job.” 

Have you ever heard that or said that? Does the way we use that phrase jive with, you know, the actual story of Job? 

Our reading this week give us a chance to find out. However, this week’s text drops us into the middle of the story. So it might behoove us to reacquaint ourselves with how this story begins. Here’s what we read last week. (Or you could just keep reading a bunch of it. Super extra credit bonus points if you do!) 

What does the manner in which the story starts tell us about the kind of story it is?
What do we expect from that genre of story?
Can a story like Job defy those expectations and offer us more than we ever bargained for?
To whom do you turn when you feel frustrated, angry, scared, or crushed by life?
What, ultimately, is the purpose of this ancient story — and what might it have to say to us today as we attempt to make sense of life in the year 2021?

 Pastor Dave will tussle with those questions this Sunday, October 10th, in his sermon, “Arts of Healing.”

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