Gaining New Perspectives

11.19.21 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Can you believe it's time for Thanksgiving already!!!  It seems that the year has gone by so quickly!  For some, they are grateful that it has and others are looking at the calendar saying "what happened?".  That means the new year is right around the corner!!  And we are looking forward to some new and exciting things to happen in the new year! 

Matthew reminds us that during this season of giving thanks to remember our focus.  The writers of Matthew encourage us to focus on what matters more that our physical comforts and desires, and to look at what makes a difference - loving God and others.  The importance of "Gaining New Perspectives" is highlighted by Matthew and in the other readings for this week serve as the foundation of the season.  Give thanks from the perspective of what God has already done  and is continuing to do in our lives.  This could reduce some of the stressfulness that we always feel and helping us to focus on what is already present for us -- God. 

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