No Ordinary Time

06.09.23 | by Rev Dave Buerstetta

Congratulations on making it through Pentecost (wear red day two weeks ago) and Trinity Sunday (wear rainbows and all of the colors day last week)! You have now graduated into…(drum roll, please)…(can’t you just feel the tension building)…(wait for it, waaaaait for it)…Ordinary Time!


Might as well say what we’re all thinking: “‘Ordinary Time’!? As in ‘plain’ or ‘boring’?!

What marketing genius came up with ‘Ordinary Time’??”

Yep, Ordinary Time. That’s the official title of this church calendar season. Though it doesn’t mean ‘boring.’ The rationale behind the title is: ‘Ordinary’ derives from the Latin word ordinalis meaning ‘numbered.’

Wait, we’re saying our days are numbered?! That’s a bit bleak isn’t it?!

Hold on—maybe it means something more akin to ‘making these days count.’

Isn’t that better? Plus, the text for this week are all about a variety of encounters people have with the Divine. Nothing boring about encounters with the Divine!

First, Abram hears from God.

Next, Matthew hears from Jesus and then so much more happens:. Jesus’ disciples hear from religious leaders. Religious leaders hear from Jesus. Jesus hears from an official. A women hears from Jesus. And a girl thought dead wakes up.

Whew! There’s a lot in all those encounters: Walking and talking! Teaching and healing! Gossiping and truth-telling! And people made well.

Can we still hear God calling us these days?
Can we be like Jesus and make these days count with parties and acts of healing?
When, where, and how might we encounter the Divine today?

Wear whatever colors you wish this week (although there is never a bad day to wear rainbows and all of the colors) and join us as Pastor Dave will do his best to wrestle with those questions and more this Sunday, June 11th,  in his sermon, “No Ordinary Time.”

 Worship with us Sunday at 10:00am in person or online via our Woodridge UMC YouTube Channel. All are welcome!

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