Open for Business!

11.20.20 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Many times when people talk about their faith, they do just that -- talk.  We live in a day and time where we can get information in a flash and so we fill our heads with information.  We know all of the details and can verify information with the swipe of a finger.


But the crux of this journey of faith is not about how much information one can obtain.  It's about what moves the heart to make a change.  How can one change the circumstances around them?  What moves a person to change the hopelessness of this world into one filled with love and mercy?  We have to learn to "see" the world through our heart.


Opening the eyes of our heart allows us to see the needs of others as a priority and not just a "thing to do".  What would our world look like through the eyes of our heart?  Where would we see signs of justice, mercy and grace....all of which are the visions from our hearts?  Let's talk about it some more on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube.  Join us!  We will be "OPEN FOR BUSINESS!"


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