The Choice is Clear

11.06.20 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Life is full of choices.  From the time we rise at the start of day to the time we choose to retire at the end of the day.  For us in the United States, this week has filled with some major, life-changing choices as well.  And who can say that the choices that have been made (throughout life) have been the right and/or best choices made in each situation.


Our scripture passages in Joshua and Matthew are also about making choices.  Their choices, seemed to be different than ours, but in theory really weren't.  For the Israelites their choice to worship God and make God their priority for life is no different for us in 2020.  We have a tendency to put other things and people ahead of our time with God.


So why is that such a big deal?  What does it matter anyway?  Why should I be concerned?  These are just a few of the questions we want to take a look at on Sunday.  Join us as we wrestle with "THE CHOICE IS CLEAR" on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube.  Please join us.


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