The Power and Promise of Pentecost

05.29.20 | by Rev Danita Anderson

It's the 5th Sunday!!!  While some of our Fun on the Fifth will not take place, we will sing together!  So don't miss out!


More than that even, it is the Sunday that most liturgists dread.....all those names of those who gathered on Pentecost!  But not to's handled. Yes, it's that passage where all kinds of people are gathered in one place hearing the message of God in their own language.  Imagine that!  Hearing the message of God in a way that is most familiar.  Words that they understand....not any less challenging or any more comforting, but words they knew and had heard before.  How comforting that must have felt.  And what a challenge to be among persons who are different, whether in small ways or radically different ways.  Yet all hearing the same message of God's love for humanity.  All of the people present on that day were important to the task of spreading God's message.  ALL LIVES MATTERED!!!


Yet today in many gatherings distinctions are made regarding who is "in" and who should be "out".  And yes, even in church gatherings.  But Paul's message remind us that God's message of love and hope is for ALL people.  All peoples are needed with all kinds of gifts to carry out God's work!


How about joining us on Sunday on YouTube at 10:00 a.m..  We just may have something to say about that!!!


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