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Mar 07, 2021 | Rev Danita Anderson

Follow the Recipe

As we move into this third week of Lent, we can't help but remember back a year ago and the condition of this world.  We have made all kinds of changes in our lives and yet our readings for the day remind us that we still have to adjust our focus.  We cannot continue to follow the directions that we desire without regard to others.  We must re-orient ourselves and re-focus our lives to be in closer relationship with God and neighbor.  


That's probably why our scripture passages for this week highlight the Ten Words given to Moses for us, Jesus tossing the merchants out of the temple and the foolishness of preaching.  They are just reminders to us of the times we want to "do our own thing" all God wants of us is to "JUST FOLLOW THE RECIPE".  There is no need to try to re-write or alter what has already be given and proven!!  But maybe we need to talk about that a bit. Join me at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube and we can see what we come up with.