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May 08, 2022 | Rev Danita Anderson

It's Not What You Think, It's What You KNow

Easter is over so let's get on with our lives!!  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!  Every morning should be viewed as Easter morning!!  Every day is an opportunity to share with the world the hope and promise of God's love for humanity.  But many times some just mark the day on the calendar and go back to their everyday activities..... thinking of Thomas and the other disciples..


This week we want to take a step further into carrying out the task of reaching others.  But first we need to be clear about the difference between what we think and what we know.  Knowing that difference can affect the outcome.  People seeking a fulfillment of the emptiness they experience are not looking for our ideas and assumptions.  They want to know if what we are sharing is something we know and have experienced for ourselves.  When the chips are down or the rubber has met the road, "It's Not About What We Think, It's What We Know".  How sure are we of what we say about our God-encounters?  Have we had encounters that leave us with rock-solid proof? Think on these things and let's talk some more on Sunday.  Join us in person or on YouTube at 10 a.m..