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Jan 31, 2021 | Rev Danita Anderson

Power and Authority from the Backside

When we hear the words "power" and "authority" certain thoughts come to mind that are usually not positive or descriptors we would use to describe Jesus.  However, as this season of Epiphany continues to unfold, we hear passages of scripture that require us to take a different look at those words.  We are invited to go "behind the scenes" to view the power and authority of God through Jesus Christ in a way that shows us love, grace and hope as the true meaning and view of what "power" and "authority" really are. 


Maybe the reason we find it so hard to follow Jesus and change the world is that we have misunderstood the message!  We have substituted our own interpretation of what Jesus really meant and said so that we would be comfortable and not feel challenged as we go through life.  


So, this week let's take a look at a different interpretation of the message of Jesus by looking at "Power and Authority From the Backside".  Join us Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube and let's wrestle with this "different" understanding.