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Feb 17, 2019 | Rev Danita Anderson

The Net Worth of A Church

We live in a society where value is placed on a person or thing based on their "net worth".  How much you have accumulated in tangible assets even becomes the measuring stick for your self-worth.  Business are considered to be successful based on their "bottom lines".  Even professional athletes are considered better team members based on their "net worth". 


Unfortunately this type of thinking spills over into the church.  The church with more members or a "higher bottom line" are considered to be more fruitful congregations, when in fact that may not always be the case.  Where is the real ministry taking place?  Are persons really encountering the presence of the Christ or learning and growing as disciples?  Maybe we need to take a different approach and look at our "net worth" from a different perspective.  What is the real "NET WORTH OF A CHURCH"?  And who determines what factors go into that equation? 


In the Gospel according to Luke we are invited to take a different approach and look with fresh eyes.  Join us on Sunday as we look at what those factors are and why we might need to take a different approach at how we determine our "net worth".  We invite you to be here at 9 or 10:30.  ALL are welcome!