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About Small Miracles

The School Small Miracles Preschool is a non-for-profit educational ministry of Woodridge United Methodist Church. The Preschool is licensed by the State Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and is relicensed every three years. The Preschool is also inspected yearly by a representative of the state and local fire departments, the county health department and the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).

Small Miracles Preschool is an inclusion environment providing a planned program centered on the age and developmental needs of the children. Each child is provided opportunities to develop with age appropriate peers.



Small Miracles Preschool offers a warm, friendly, positive learning environment where each child is seen as an individual. We will provide a variety of activities, which will encourage learning and growth in the areas most important to the development of young children. Group and individual activities that are designed to enhance social, emotional, cognitive and physical development, as well as promote independence, will be implemented. Children experience so much growth and development during the preschool years, we believe that a lifetime of learning begins at Small Miracles Preschool.


We believe in providing a variety of experiences and opportunities for the children so they may grow and develop both socially and individually with the knowledge that they are valued and have unique God-given talents and skills. Discussions about generally observed Christian holidays will be held, but no structured day-to-day Bible study or theology will be taught. Christian values (thoughtfulness, sharing, the importance of self-worth, confidence, etc.) will be experienced and encouraged in an informal way. Grace will be said before snacks, and Christian pictures may be hung in the classroom and hallways.



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Small Miracles Preschool
Helping children learn since 1988!
Licensed by DCFS

2700 West 75th Street · Woodridge, IL 60517