Doubting in Good Faith

04.26.19 | by Rev Dave Buerstetta

We’re used to describing Thomas as the one disciple who struggled with believing Jesus could actually be resurrected. So much so that we likely know him best as “Doubting Thomas.” But, it turns out, he wasn’t alone. Jesus’ one post-Resurrection appearance in the gospel of Matthew gives us this:

             “The eleven disciples, having spoken to the Marys, headed to Galilee, to the mountain where they were to meet Jesus. When the disciples saw Jesus there, many of them fell down and worshiped, as Mary and the other Mary had done. But a few hung back. They were not sure.” 

As Matthew’s story concludes, Jesus is certain but his followers are not. Isn’t that at least somewhat comforting? To know we aren’t the first followers to be unsure of how to respond to Jesus?

 What are we to do when everyone around us seems certain about their faith but we’re not?

Where in the life of the community at Woodridge UMC do we have safe space to doubt, to question, to wonder, to disagree?

How might we best live into the “big tent” idea that has infused the Methodist movement since its inception? 

Pastor Dave will wrestle with these ideas and more this Sunday, April 28th, in his sermon, “Doubting in Good Faith.” All are welcome!

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