A Topsy Turvy World

07.28.23 | by Deborah Fisher

This is the 5th Sunday in July.  Summer is getting away from us!!!  School will be starting very soon and pumpkin spice will be back!  But the fun is not over!


We welcome Rev. Debbie Fisher as our guest preacher this week.  Rev. Fisher is a retired elder of our annual conference.  Some may remember her as our district superintendent several years ago.  She also, before retirement, served as the lead pastor at First UMC of Downers Grove.   She will be reminding us that we live in "A TOPSY TURVY WORLD".  Jesus is not condemning those who live a comfortable lifestyle.  He is saying those who live a comfortable lifestyle should not ignore the poor like they do not exist or are not worthy of our attention.  Many things we think should be one way are certainly not that way in so many cases.


Join us in person or on our YouTube channel on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. as we take a deeper look into our upside down existence.


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