Wonder why our parking lot is busy most nights of the week?

Woodridge UMC isn’t a Sunday-only place. Not only are the church-related meetings, mission projects, rehearsals, and studies going on all the time, but the congregation sees its building as an opportunity to show God’s love, an opportunity for hospitality. A Philippine Baptist congregation and a Shia Muslim community worship in our space. Community groups from Alcoholics Anonymous to Scouting groups, and far too many in between to name, also use the building. 

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Youth Ministries
Youth Ministries

Opportunities for students to wonder, learn, pray, dream, create, serve, be inspired, and be inspiring as they love God and love their neighbors. Programs for junior high (7th & 8th grade) and high school students in an inclusive and welcoming community.


Studenty Ministries
Children's Ministries

Opportunities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students to learn stories of faith in age-appropriate ways. We want children of all ages to know they are safe, to know they are loved, and to know they are an active part of a larger story.


Small Groups
Small Groups

Opportunities to grow in faith as we get to know others and come to be known by others. We learn with each other and we learn from each other as we explore together how to live the way of Jesus in the world today.