Gaining New Perspectives
Matthew encourages us to focus on what matters more that our physical comforts and desires, and to look at what makes a difference - loving God and others.
Judge, Jury, & Petitioner
While her son, Samuel, is more well known, this week we spend significant time getting (re)acquainted with Hannah. Hers is, in many ways, a familiar tale. You may well recognize a story trope or three in there. Perhaps most interesting, however, is how Hannah responds to all that befalls her. 
A Generous Perspective
A Generous Perspective, will focus on the passage in the Gospel according to Mark that lifts up the sacrificial giving of the widow.
Rumors of Death, Promises of Life
All Saints' Day is about standing in the middle of that spectrum looking at the past and and the future at the same time. How do we "manage the middle"? 
Happily Ever After?
What do we do with this dense, immense, mysterious, delirious story from Job? We enjoy it. We let it challenge us.
The Heart Rhythm of Life
 Where would our church and church family be if Mark's message was our watchword -- the word we consider every time a decision is made or a poll taken? 
Arts of Healing
What, ultimately, is the purpose of this ancient story of Job — and what might it have to say to us today as we attempt to make sense of life in the year 2021?
A Place at the Table
The table that is big enough to have room for all who wish to be in community with their neighbor, for those in need of forgiveness and faith, hungry for mercy and thirsty for grace. 
Salted Christians
We are familiar enough with salt ad know its challenges and its importance in many areas of life.  But Jesus lets the disciples know (and us) about how important we are in spreading the Good News.

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