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Jesus Said What?!

Sometimes reading the bible can be like cuddling up with a warm blanket on a cold night. Other times reading the bible can be like finding safe refuge during a storm. Occasionally reading the bible can even be like hearing a fiery speech that sends us charging into the world to “resist evil and injustice in whatever forms they present themselves.” 

But once in a while — maybe even more often than we like to admit — reading the bible results in more visceral reactions:
What does that even mean?!

The bible is an ancient document. That means even as it inspires us, some of what we read in it sounds weird, gross, or just plain wrong. We acutely experience that in our sermon series, “Jesus Said What?!”

True Confessions
We know how powerful our tongues can be!! Do our words and our actions reflect who we really are?
One Love
We are different parts of the same body. We welcome the diversity!!!!
When Numbers Fail
Let's take a quick mash-up course in mathematics as we discover the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ in our lives and the world.
A Piece of Peace
Peace is more than just the absence of conflict.  Each of us, in our own unique way fits into God's bigger picture for the beloved community. How we fit is sometimes not as clear. 
Destiny's Child
As children of God, we are different in many ways, but with the same purpose and goal. The sooner we understand and accept that, the closer we will be to reflecting the beloved community God intended.
Freedom, Frederick, and Fireworks
Anniversaries can be an excellent opportunity to celebrate successes & obstacles overcome or a time to assess where we are & where we want to be or a time to mourn our losses. Perhaps the national anniversary we celebrate this Sunday is no different? 
Get Out of the Ditch
Are you ready to face the world again or do you want to hide in a ditch where it may be uncomfortable?
Live Out Loud
Maybe focusing on a different part of Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed can help us unlock a surprising insight or two.

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