Abiding Fluidity
People have been trying to embody loving community from time immemorial. How do we create a loving community?
Living the Resurrection Life
John referring to Jesus as the Good Shepherd and Psalm 23 are 2 passages that comfort us and lull us into a false sense of security that will get a bit more scrutiny this week. 
Show, Don't Tell
Resurrection is far more than just a promise of life after death. Instead, it is a challenge to all the things that bring death into our world. 
That's Not All Folks!
There is so much more that happened throughout the ministry of Jesus that didn't make the Gospel accounts we have.
Don't Hold Me Back
Don't hold back the promises that come to pass daily.  Don't hold back on extending the love and grace we have received to others. 
Palms, Passion, and Power
Who has power and how do they wield it?  And the follow up question is like it: What forms of power do we choose and why? 
Wiping the Slate Clean
The season of Lent offers us a time to sweep away all that once kept our relationship with God being as transparent as it could.  We have the opportunity to have to clear away and take inventory so that we are prepared for the new.
Why did it Have to be Snakes?
What happens? Exactly what you think would happen: people stop being polite and start getting real. So where does that leave us as followers of Jesus today? Maybe that from which we most want to turn away deserves our focus, at least briefly?
Follow the Recipe
We cannot continue to follow the directions that we desire without regard to others.  We must re-orient ourselves and re-focus our lives to be in closer relationship with God and neighbor.  
Plans and Promises
We are reminded of the unbroken promises that God has made to us.  Promises that remind us of God's love and mercy. 

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