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We will be traveling through the book of Ephesians as we look at the message Paul gave to the early church.  He talked to the Ephesians about what a diverse group they were -- some were Jews and some were Gentiles -- and how that sometimes makes for difficult conversation.  Paul knew that there needed to be some "ground rules" that had to be put into place for those who were choosing to follow Jesus.  This was his opportunity to remind them of all that had been done on their behalf long before their lives came into being....God had already decided how the story should go.

Freedom, Frederick, and Fireworks
Anniversaries can be an excellent opportunity to celebrate successes & obstacles overcome or a time to assess where we are & where we want to be or a time to mourn our losses. Perhaps the national anniversary we celebrate this Sunday is no different? 
Get Out of the Ditch
Are you ready to face the world again or do you want to hide in a ditch where it may be uncomfortable?
Live Out Loud
Maybe focusing on a different part of Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed can help us unlock a surprising insight or two.
Just Enough Grace
How do we share God's gifts with persons in our world, our community who can only see despair or disillusionment? 
Searching for Change
This year, for Pentecost, we gather looking for that which can re-ignite our flames. 
There is a Hole in Our Holiness
Jesus prays that his followers would be “made holy in the truth.” What are we missing that keeps us from being holy now?
Love for the Ages
God's abiding and all-inclusive love how we respond to our neighbors and those we love.  It involves our response to the injustice of the world and the sanctity of life. 
Abiding Fluidity
People have been trying to embody loving community from time immemorial. How do we create a loving community?

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