Sign Posts

We call this section “Sign Posts” because sign posts point you in a direction, offer insight, or give information. But sign posts can’t make you go anywhere or do anything. The steps you take after encountering a sign post? That’s entirely up to you.

Here you can find all sorts of information about, and inspiration from, our congregation in the form of sermons, newsletters and blogs. From the pastors’ blogs, to the latest sermon or most recent newsletter, or even the full achieved history, you can learn a lot about our faith community here. What are we up to? On what are this weekend’s worship gatherings focusing? How do we react to the news of the day? How might you join us in caring for hurting and hungry people?

You’ll find all that and more here in Sign Posts. But the next step? Friend, that’s up to you.

Find the Prairie Central District (of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church) newsletter and information here.


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