Doubts, Questions and Proof

04.21.23 | by Rev Danita Anderson

For more years than I can count, the Sunday after Easter has included the story about Thomas, the disciple who did not believe his friends account of the Resurrection.  He has been given the name of Doubting Thomas and equated in such a negative light that every time someone is referred to as a "Doubting Thomas" it is definitely viewed as a slam.  But maybe it is because we too have those same doubts and questions as Thomas does!!  It would be far less uncomfortable if we shine the light on Thomas that have the spotlight beaming down on us who have those same questions and doubts.


While Thomas' name has been equated in a more negative manner than a positive one because of these doubts and questions, what would it mean for us to "flip the script"?  Our doubts, questions and fears leave us vulnerable and open to different perspectives and insights and offer more room for proof and reaffirmation.  They give us space to grow and learn instead of continuing to cower in fear and disappointment.


This week, let's see what we can discover as we discuss  our "Doubts, Questions and Proof".  Join us on Sunday at 10:00 a.m..  We would love to see you in person, but feel free to join us on YouTube.


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