Hymn Singing

06.23.23 | by Rev Danita Anderson

In football,  this would be called a "bye week".  It is the week that a professional sports team does not play/compete during their designated season.  For most of us as United Methodist clergy, it is a "transition time".  Our year of appointment to a ministry setting usually ends on June 30th and our new year begins July 1st.  For 40 years now, I have been in this "transition time".  I'll say some more about this later in the week. 

For us at WUMC we are also in a "bye week".  Pastor Dave is transitioning to a new place of ministry and our setting will take on a new look.  I had planned (almost a year ago when the date was announced) to be in Ohio at the wedding of my "neice by relationship" (as opposed to my "neice by blood"!).  All that to say that this Sunday will be an opportunity to "take a breath and regroup".  Or, as some would say.... sing to our hearts content!! 

Many thanks to Karen Novak for stepping in and leading this Sunday's worship experience that is similar to a "hymn sing".  The music has already been chosen, so save your "favorite hymn selection" for a future service!!  You may however, hear it among the selections for Sunday!  So get ready to follow John Wesley's instructions to "sing robustly and with great enthusiasm" (Anderson interpretation, actual quote in the front of the hymnal!)!!! Join us on Sunday in person or on YouTube for worship in song at 10:00 a.m.

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