“‘Seeing is Believing' or Optical Illusion?”

04.14.23 | by Rev Danita Anderson

This time of year we are accustomed to hearing all about the (mis)adventures of Thomas from the gospel of John. Instead, this week we give the gospel of Matthew a chance to tell his version of the resurrection story. 

Here again in Matthew, as we have repeatedly encountered in each gospel version of the story, it is Jesus’ female disciples who faithfully witness Jesus’ sham trial, bogus conviction, and unjust execution. And it is those same women who return to Jesus’ tomb early in the morning. But once there, they experience something wonderful! Astounding! Magical! Or is it something incredible? Unlikely? Unbelievable? 

How credible is this eye-witness testimony?
Are our own senses to be trusted?
Or do we just experience whatever it is we long for?
What really happens when we think we encounter the presence of God in the world? 

Pastor Dave will consider those questions and more this Sunday, April 16th, in his sermon, “‘Seeing is Believing' or Optical Illusion?” 

Worship with us Sunday at 10:00am in person or online via our Woodridge UMC YouTube Channel. All are welcome!

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