The Colors of the Wind

05.17.24 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Well, our countdown is in full effect now!  Only a few more weeks and there will be the proverbial "changing of the guard".  Not quite as dramatic but I'm sure there will be cake!!  It has been a journey and you will hear more about that later.


Speaking of cake, this week we celebrate what has been known as the birthday of the church.  It is Pentecost Sunday!!  It occurs 50 days after Easter.  The occasion was marked by the apostles and others receiving the Holy Spirit and the gathered community sent out in mission.  The Holy Spirit appeared as "tongues of fire" to those who share the story.  Thus, our encouragement to you to wear your reds, oranges and yellows that represent that Holy Spirit fire!


As we look at the story and begin to unfold it for us in 2024, we will definitely talk about cake-baking but also how important it is to recognize that each other, even in our differences.  It is important to see how each of us is an important ingredient in the story Pentecost.  We must learn to see how all of creation is connected in the "COLORS OF THE WIND" of Pentecost.  The message was not one that was exclusive or limited, but let's talk about it on Sunday.  Join us at 10:00 a.m. in person or on YouTube.


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