This Holy Mystery: Revealing Table Secrets part 3 Improving Our Table Manners

07.14.23 | by Rev Danita Anderson

This is our third week on our journey of looking at holy communion from the topic "THIS HOLY MYSTERY:  REVEALING TABLE SECRETS".  What is it about the Lord's Supper/Holy Communion that makes it so important in our lives and on this journey of faith?  What are the parts of the Communion liturgy that makes it different than just a mid morning snack?   We started out remembering that it is a place where we can remember the love and grace showered on us at moments of utter despair and loneliness as well as feel the cradling and calm when chaos seems to reign supreme.  The Table of Christ is an essential part of who we are, whose we are, and what we believe.


Last week we talked about "DINNER IS READY" and the elements of the table and their significance.  Yes, we threw around the Methodist words of "prevenient and sanctifying grace" and what they mean for us as people of faith, as well as their significance in our lives. 


Well this week, we will dig a little deeper and talk about "IMPROVING OUR TABLE MANNERS".  There was a time when eating a meal at a table was the rule and not the exception.  So, now when eating at a table seems so passe, what difference does it make if we have any manners?  But maybe if we take a look at table manners a little differently, we might see how they may need a little improvement!!  Or at least certainly some updating!!  Let's work on that together this week.


If you have been a little reluctant or hesitant to be here, this is an excellent opportunity to reconnect and join us in person.  We would love to see you.  If that is not possible, please don't miss the chance to join us on YouTube.  Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. we will be looking forward to seeing you or hearing your responses from watching us on YouTube.  Join us!


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