You'll Be In My Heart

05.31.24 | by Rev Danita Anderson

Well, we knew this day would come at some point and here it is.  So many sermons left not preached.  So many topics not covered.  Oh my... So, our last time will be the sum total of the ones done so far.  Paul gives us a couple of examples in the New Testament this week that will help us out.  As he is leaving the church at Ephesus he reminds the followers to remember all that he has shared with them and to carry it forward.  He leaves with these words.. "and now I commend you to God".   

Then a little later down the road in Corinth, he reminds the followers not to get caught in personalities.  Each one has a part to play.  Some plant, some water, but God provides the growth and increase. 

Those ideas are wrapped up in this week's message "YOU'LL BE IN MY HEART". My time for planting and watering has come to a close and I'm passing on the baton to Pastor Dave Yim.  Join us in person at 10:00 a.m. as we wrap this segment of our lives together.  If you can't join us in person, join us on YouTube.

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