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(Jesus said..)“Don’t let this rattle you.

You trust God, don’t you?

Trust me.”

(John 14:1 The Message)

During this season of Lent in our worship services we have been talking a lot about God’s love for us from creation throughout life and how we experience that love.  These past few weeks have been filled with events and “happenings” that might make one wonder what is this world coming to?  War, bigotry, -isms from every angle, poverty, homelessness, greed and on and on..  Have we lost all traces of human dignity and respect?  Is there no regard for human life?  And what about the children?  Issues and challenges that face our country, our community and our personal lives make one scratch their head in disbelief.

Unfortunately these are not new issues!  As John wrote his interpretation of Jesus’ story, he knew that he was writing for his day and his people as well as the days and people yet to come. He knew that his prophetic word would be needed for generations to yet unborn.

For us, as we move through the issues of our day, hear again the words from John….”don’t let this rattle you!”  Remain steadfast in your belief that God knows what’s going on around us but greater still knows us more intimately than anyone else.  After all, God created us, gave us the breath of life and has not stopped loving us since!

Prayer:  Sometimes Loving God, it seems like things are happening all around that cause me to waiver and even throw up my hands!  Please continue to reach down and grab them when I raise them in despair and disbelief. Calm my restless spirit and quiet the jangling sounds of disappointment, hurt and anger.  In the name of your Son, Jesus we pray.  Amen.

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