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Nov 05, 2023 | Rev Danita Anderson

A Preview of Coming Attractions

This Sunday we will celebrate All Saints Day where we remember those members who are no longer physically with us.  Our congregation has had some great losses over the last several years and it leavppes a deep hole in our fellowship.  But on All Saints Day we stop and publicly acknowledge our loss and remember their lives among ours. 

Grief and loss are sometimes such hard topics to discuss and share about.  We try not to get "caught up" in our feelings and brush things off when in reality acknowledging our losses is a way of cleansing our souls.  Not washing away memories,  but making way for new and more ones.   

Not to worry, worship will not be considered a "downer" or dull and drab.  It will give us a chance to hear some Good News as well as challenge our thinking as we explore the topic "A PREVIEW OF COMING ATTRACTIONS".  What is next? What is to come?  Why are we so fearful of death?  These questions and more will be tossed around when we gather on Sunday.  We will share a meal at  the Table of Jesus and also be "surrounded" by a great cloud of witnesses.  Don't miss it!!  Join us on Sunday at 10:00 a.m..  We would love to see you in person. But if not, join us on YouTube.