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Jul 01, 2018 | Rev Danita Anderson

An Invitation Not to be Missed

Over the last several weeks, as we have walk through the Acts of the Apostles and Paul’s first journey to the newly established Christian churches, we have discovered that many of the challenges they faced are the same (or very similar) to the ones we face in 2018.  The struggles of old have become the struggles of the present!!  The political and social climate have been far from peaceful and welcoming, making the environment for worship less than pleasant and meaningful. 

We have been lifting up our responsibility for the future of the church by sharing some of our hopes and dreams.  Where should we focus our time, money and effort?  Are there some needs in our community that we are not addressing?  Are there some people we have not touched?  How do we face the continuing challenges of relevance, attendance and finance?  What should we do to continue to share the Good News about God’s love to future generations?  You were invited to write those dreams down a couple of weeks ago.  Now what happens with the implementation?  

All of these questions have an answer that is all too familiar…….______________ (insert your name on the blank line)!!  We have each been given AN INVITATION NOT TO BE MISSED.  Yes, we are all a part of what happens in the present and in the future of our witness from this place.  We will take a look at Lydia’s story to see if there are any parallels in our lives.  Have we responded to the invitation we have been extended? 

Series Information

In this sermon series, the story of the early church unfolds before us. Many of the challenges they faced are the same (or very similar) to the ones we face in 2018. Questions around leadership, why we should believe in the first place, who to believe and the age-old question of who is “in” and who should be kept “out”.