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Mar 31, 2019 | Rev Danita Anderson

Be Prepared and Be Aware

Hearing the words "be prepared" conjures up all kinds of memories for people.  If you have any connection to scouting (Boy or Girl) you know that is the motto to live by.  Or if you are an animated afficianado, you know that "Be Prepared" is one of the songs from the movie "The Lion King".  Or if you grew up around my maternal grandmother, you remember these as a part of her many daily "watchwords".   And we hear them in other places as well.


This week, let's take a look at how they could have been used in our scripture passage in Matthew 25 or in our daily lives.  What does that have to do with our lives as fellow travelers on this faith journey?  Let's see if we can't find some answers.  

"Parables are stories used to remind us how to live:
Matthew's audience already experienced the resurrection and now were waiting; when would Jesus come and make this world right again.  Jesus could arrive at any time.  We need to live our lives like Jesus will arrive any moment.  We have to love our neighbor; we need to bring peace to the world; we need to live like Christ lives in us.  we have to let the world know we are crazy enough to have hope; we know a God that loves us.  Be prepared. Be ready." - Glenn

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Parable Club

Our look at some of Jesus’ parables during Lent.  But what do our (self-imposed and resurrected from four years ago) Rules of Parable Club have to say about them?

Parables invite us into in interactive relationship with the storyteller. Parables want us – need us – to be engaged. So think, wonder, listen, dream, imagine, and ask away.