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Sep 01, 2019 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

(Be)Labor the Point?

 “Everybody’s working for the weekend…” Rarely has (80’s Canadian pop-rock band) Loverboy been more right about that. It’s Labor Day weekend, meaning many — though not all — of us are excited about an extra day off.

We, as a USAmerican culture, have an…interesting (strange? weird? tortured?) relationship with work. We value it so much that we often shape our identities around our work. “Where do you work?” is often the first thing we ask when we first meet someone. At the same time, we often complain about our work and/or cannot wait to be done working. So much so that an extra day off like Labor Day feels like a true gift. 

  • What do our scriptures have to say about work, rest, and wages?
  • Is our Methodist tradition on the right side of history regarding work and wages?
  • In today’s complex world of automation, internet, the gig economy, and stagnant wages (unless you’re a CEO), what might faith in Jesus look and sound and act like? 

Turns out we aren’t the first society to experience conflicting emotions and ideas about work and leisure. With the wisdom and story of Deuteronomy 24 and Matthew 12 as a guide, Pastor Dave will wrestle with these questions and more this Sunday, September 1st in his sermon, “(Be)Labor the Point?”