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Jan 26, 2020 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Beloved Community

As our sermon series on “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” continues this Sunday, January 26th, it is fair to wonder, “Is there is really that much to say about Fred Rogers in general and this movie in particular? After all, it has been more than 50 years since his show, “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood” debuted and more than 16 years since he died.”


Respectfully, yes, yes, there is more to say. Consider this from the Esquire article by Tom Junod that inspired the movie: “[Fred] believed, right then, that he was strong enough to enter into battle with that—that machine, that medium—and to wrestle with it until it yielded to him, until the ground touched by its blue shadow became hallowed and this thing called television came to be used ‘for the broadcasting of grace through the land.’”


“Broadcasting grace through the land”…doesn’t that sound wonderful? Doesn’t that also sound like a pretty darn good way to describe both what Jesus was all about and the mission of the church?


Now consider the gospel lesson for this week, Mark 5:21-43, wherein Jesus heals both an adult and a child. Using the power we have to offer healing…couldn’t we describe Fred Rogers’ mission that way?


Grace, power, and healing. How might we allow ourselves to be transformed by the confluence of those three mighty rivers? How might other witnesses help us be transformed? How might we too offer radical hospitality to all whom we encounter?


Pastor Dave will explore those questions and more this Sunday, January 26th, in his sermon, “Beloved Community.”

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