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Aug 25, 2019 | Rev Danita Anderson

Disability Awareness

This week marked the 1 year mark for having my knee replaced.  During that time of recovery and rehab I discovered just a fraction of what it is like to be differently-abled.  Places that profess to be "accessible" really turn out to be far from it!!  And worse yet is the rudeness exhibited by others in so many ways!!!

 It is hard to imagine how life must have been for the woman described in this week's passage in Luke 13:10-17.  Restrictions everywhere.  People ignoring and/or not acknowledging her.  But her disability did not block her availability and openness to experience the touch of Jesus.  

 Sometimes we are not aware of our own disability when it comes to experiencing the true touch of Jesus in our lives. Our being unavailable to see and experience Jesus is in fact our disability.  So we need to work on our DISABILITY AWARENESS.  How can we be more open and aware of the presence of Jesus in our lives?  Let's see if we can't figure out some ways to become more aware.  Join us on Sunday at 9 or 10:30 a.m..  ALL are welcome!