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Dec 23, 2018 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Everybody Move!

IT'S ALMOST TIME!!!  Yes, the season of Advent is almost over and we will soon arrive at the manger in Bethlehem.  BUT NOT YET!!!!  This Sunday morning we will be celebrating the 4th Sunday in Advent, lighting all 4 candles on the Advent wreath, as well as both sacraments! We will finish our study of MARY HAD A BABY by looking at the spiritual  "Go, Tell It on the Mountain" and both pastors will preach!!!!  Yes, for the 9:00 service we will have communion (as has been our custom) and Pastor Danita will talk about "A NEW SONG FOR A NEW DAY".  Then for the 10:30 service Pastor Dave will talk about "EVERYBODY MOVE" and we will baptize baby Brandon Bell.

Response: "Today (2 days from Christmas) everything is a possibility that our gift will surprise and make the receiver of the gift happy (full of potential energy).  Growth and change is how we stay healthy spiritually.  We can be agents of change.  God chose the shepherds to deliver the message. Tell the story about the child dealing with poverty homelessness." - Barry

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