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Jul 08, 2018 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Fixing Hearts, Not Just Houses

On June 23rd, 17 youth and adults left behind the comfort of their homes, their families, their friends, and their routines to spend the week sleeping on a floor, with almost no control over when they eat, shower, work, and rest. And that is easily the least impressive part of our week. 

God's Holy Spirit is at work in and through the people of Baton Rouge. We simply had the privilege of being a small piece of what is already happening there. We got to meet, talk with, and help some extraordinary people. 

How did we see God at work?

Who did we meet and why were we so moved by their stories?

What is so special about Baton Rouge? 

In order to hear our reflections on these questions and our other experiences from our mission trip, you need to be in worship this Sunday, July 8th when the youth and adults proclaim their message, “Fixing Hearts, Not Just Houses."