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Aug 16, 2020 | Rev Danita Anderson

Good Trouble Required!

The life and legacy of Congressman John Lewis was steeped in acts of justice for all people.  But it was also riddled with acts of hatred and prejudice.  People who didn't see the vision of a beloved community that included all people and not just a select few.  And sometimes those acts of hatred and violence come from the places you would least expect.... family and friends.  But John Lewis refused to quit....he fought on even harder.


His life has traces of similarities to that of Joseph.  Viewed as a "dreamer" as a child and not just "one of the guys" doing "guy" things with his brothers.  But Joseph, gifted by God for a different kind of purpose in life, did not let his circumstances (or his brothers) deter him even to the point of leaving him for dead.  Joseph's words rang true for John Lewis' life as well....."what you mean for evil, God meant for good!"


Sometimes life throws us a curve.....puts challenges and circumstances in our way when we are trying to work for justice and good in the world.  When we are trying to make a difference in the world, obstacles appear.  But should these things stop us?  Looking at John Lewis' life the response would be a resounding NO!!!!


Right now, our world needs us who follow Christ to raise the banner high of steadfast commitment to keep up the good work!!!  For the sake of the world and the sake of the Gospel message "GOOD TROUBLE IS REQUIRED!"


Let's see how we can make this happen.  Join us on YouTube o n Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m..  See you there!

Series Information

This is a series of sermons around the theme PRIVILEGE AND PEACE:  THIS IS AMERICA.  Yes, we are going to dive into some of those more difficult topics that we must address as people of faith. What does it mean to be a Christian and how we deal with privilege or the disparities in education, employment, health care and housing or even Christianity's complicity when it comes to racism.  What is our response as people of faith?  What can we do?  Lots to talk about and even more to do. This series will only occur on the 3rd and 4th Sundays of June, July and August.