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Jul 15, 2018 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Good Trouble?

Imagine being:
• Wanted.
• Chased after.
• Hounded.
• Arrested.
• Out on bail.
• On the run.
• Welcomed.
• Chased after again.
• Hounded again.
• On the run again.

Whom does this describe?
• Criminals?
• Asylum-seekers?
• John Wesley in the 1760’s?
• John Lewis in the 1960’s?
• Other trouble-makers?

The answer might surprise you. Or perhaps not. Find out as our extensive examination of the Acts of the Apostles continues this week with chapter 17.

Have you ever been in trouble? How did you get out of that trouble? Who helped you? Is it possible — despite what our elders may have taught us — that our goal as followers of Jesus is not to stay out of trouble? Could it be that we, like Paul and so many others before us, need to get into some good trouble for the sake of the gospel?

Series Information

In this sermon series, the story of the early church unfolds before us. Many of the challenges they faced are the same (or very similar) to the ones we face in 2018. Questions around leadership, why we should believe in the first place, who to believe and the age-old question of who is “in” and who should be kept “out”.