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Nov 04, 2018 | Rev Danita Anderson

Just Follow the Instructions

So, as we reflect on the lives of our loved ones, the new "spirits" that have joined us in our ministry, we will also take a look at a passage from 2 Kings.  The story is about a man who has a terrible skin disease and asks to go to rival country to be healed of the skin disease.  However, upon his arrival he is given instructions from someone else and takes great offense at not being seen by the person he expected to see.  Instead of following the instructions given to him, he goes away angry and almost misses out on a life-changing opportunity.  It's possible that some of us have almost missed an opportunity because we thought we had a "better" answer/solution to a dilemma we were faced with.  If we had listened to our conscience and "JUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS"  in the first place...!!!  Let's talk about some of those experiences on Sunday and see if we can't come up with a better way of handling those tough spots in life.

"We all forget, that's why we keep coming back every week:  the Least, the Lost and the Left Behind.  We need to Just Follow the Instructions." - JoAnn

"To lead by example, using the commandments in your everyday life: Love God, Love Thy Neighbor and care for the Least, Last and Left Out.  We live in a world that has forgotten these commandments, so its more important now; more than ever to follow, embrace and love God and each other." - Anonymous