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Nov 13, 2022 | Rev Danita Anderson

Justice in the Midst of Chaos

This weekend there are celebrations and remembrances for persons who have served in all branches of the military known as Veterans' Day.  Several of our members are among that group that we express our appreciation to this weekend as well.  In our midst are men and women who have served in various branches both here in the United States and in other countries.  We thank God for your service and appreciate your standing for peace and justice through military service.


Sometimes the prophets of old speak directly to our current setting in such ways that give us pause.  It seems as though they had some insight into what the world would look like hundreds of years later!  We frequently hear that our world is in peril and that the end is near and yet we see glimpses of God's reminder...."No, not yet!" As Jesus continues His ministry in the world, the disciples were reminded...."No, Not Yet"


But then conversely Isaiah, who preceded Jesus by many years, speaks of a time of restoration and renewal.  Could it be that we live in an in-between time  somewhere between not yet and yes, now?  Could it be that we have been called to this time and place to see how we can make the changes that emphasize the "no, not yet" because there is still the promise of what is to come?  Maybe we are the ones who are called to bring "Justice in A World of Chaos"?!  Let's talk about it on Sunday and see where we end up.  Join us in person or on YouTube at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday.