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Apr 07, 2019 | Rev Danita Anderson

Life Support

As we continue on our journey through the parables of Jesus, we arrive at yet another one that seems to be pretty clear until we begin to look at the "back story".  Being able to see another person in need and addressing that need is what the parable is about right?  Maybe not so much.  How connected are we to one another that we miss the basic needs of other's lives?  Are we looking for opportunities to serve God in other places and missing those right in front of us? 

We are connected to others through our journey of faith but sometimes find ourselves disconnected for many reasons.  Our "LIFE SUPPORT" comes from the cares of others and the care we give to others.  How do we support the lives of others who find themselves in circumstances that are different than ours?  Let's talk about it.  

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Parable Club

Our look at some of Jesus’ parables during Lent.  But what do our (self-imposed and resurrected from four years ago) Rules of Parable Club have to say about them?

Parables invite us into in interactive relationship with the storyteller. Parables want us – need us – to be engaged. So think, wonder, listen, dream, imagine, and ask away.