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Feb 03, 2019 | Rev Danita Anderson

Living By Practice

We are already at the first Sunday of February!!  The time to celebrate Black History Month as well as Heart Health Month!  This is the month to broaden your horizons and learn a little more about Black History and also to check your blood pressure!! 


And what better time to hear more from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount reminding the followers on how to live their lives.  Matthew 6 gives us some very specific directions on prayer and forgiveness which are at the "heart" of our faith walk.    Jesus wants us to live our lives with grace and compassion straight from the heart!!  We have been called to a new way of being by "LIVING BY PRACTICE", not living by society's standards but by the standards set on the side of a mountain long ago.


Response: " Consider electronics & social media and smart phone.  How much time do we spend on social media vs. time with God and vs. time with each other. Smart phone apps have all kinds of suggestions for prayer.  However, Jesus taught 'when you pray, don't use a flood of empty words.' The Lord's prayer teaches us what is important - relationships, how we treat one another, and how we share with others.  We need to put into practice this prayer...we recognize God's purpose and we want to see now what is promised.  We need to listen to God with open hearts/minds to know how to live by God's standards.  We need to make these words be the focus for our lives." - Glenn N.

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