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Mar 15, 2020 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Lunch Box Heroes

Our gospel lesson for this week (from Mark 12) includes a parable by Jesus that is, quite frankly, very difficult to read. From whichever angle or character one reads it, the parable still seems problematic. Nary a hero to be found in it. 

Apparently some of the original hearers of the parable thought so too. The gospel’s narrator tell us, “The priests, scribes, temple leaders, and elders knew the story was directed against them.”


Ever feel like something has been “directed against you?” It doesn’t feel very good, does it?

How might our reading of this parable change if we tried to hear it from the perspective of the religious leaders of Jesus’ day?


Perhaps this parable has something to teach us about authority, duty, and joy. 

Meanwhile, this Sunday, March 15th, is part two of our new ongoing project Hands On Lent and Beyond through which we more directly connect our worship to our outreach. This Sunday is part two of our Offering of Letters. Offering of Letters is using our voice by asking our Congress Persons to fund proven programs that feed hungry children.


Here in the USA, nearly 22 million children receive free or reduced-price lunch at school — including almost 50% of the children in Woodridge’s District 68!

However, nationally, only 3.7 million of those children receive food assistance in the summer. Meaning more than 18 million children are even more hungry during the summer.


But there is good news! The Summer Electronic Benefits Transfer for Children (Summer EBT) program offers an exciting opportunity to reduce summer hunger by providing additional resources to families to purchase food during the summer months.


Once again, time, space, and resources for writing letters will be provided. But if you want to work ahead, click here for the sample letters. 

If you are unsure who your U.S. Representative is, please click here and plug in your address:


Remember, handwritten letters make the most impact!


Pastor Dave will get all this started this Sunday with his sermon, “Lunch Box Heroes.” Then, as a continuation of our worship, we can all participate in affecting positive change in the world through Hands on Lent and Beyond.