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Jul 29, 2018 | Rev Danita Anderson

Partners in Ministry

We are nearing the end of our journey through the Acts of the Apostles!!  Hopefully we have all learned a little more about the beginnings of the early church movement.  And for sure, noticed the many similarities to our current “church”……as much as things change they still stay the same!!!  The issues that concern us today are the same/similar issues of the church at its beginning.  We have tried over and over again to remind ourselves that our work never ends and the end result never changes…….to be God’s living presence in the world by caring for the least, the last and the left out!!! 

The reminders are constant.  As in this week’s passage from Acts chapter 18.  We are called to be PARTNERS IN MINISTRY.  Frequently we miss the mark and get almost close enough.  But “close enough” only counts in horseshoes!!!!  We must constantly and consistently be about our work as followers of God.  Sometimes on the journey, we encounter those who only know a portion of the story of grace.  Part of our response as faithful followers is to share the “missing parts” in loving and meaningful ways.  So how do we do that?  Let’s see if we can’t find some ways on Sunday.

Series Information

In this sermon series, the story of the early church unfolds before us. Many of the challenges they faced are the same (or very similar) to the ones we face in 2018. Questions around leadership, why we should believe in the first place, who to believe and the age-old question of who is “in” and who should be kept “out”.