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Nov 11, 2018 | Rev Danita Anderson

Taking God Seriously

This week happens to be the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day....the eleventh day of the eleventh month at 11:00 a.m. World War I was declared to be over.  For many who agree to serve their country, they know how important this day is in history.  They also know that many times a war may be declared as being "over", but it never is.  Their lives, their families and their communities reflect the anguish of war in the midst of the pride of the service.  This is the tension that so many of veteran's live in the midst of.  We will recognize them in worship and publicly thank them for their service.

 As we look at the prophet Micah, we hear his words so clearly asking the poignant question "what does the Lord require of you?" and attempts to give us an answer.  In the midst of living in a world where war and the threat of war is ever present, Micah raises a very difficult question.  We will look at how we might begin to answer this question of the ages in our day and time and in the world we find ourselves by looking at "TAKING GOD SERIOUSLY".  How do we do that when the world around us seems as though it does not?

Reflections:  "We as humans have a worldly view and put emphesis on what we have or what we have accomplished.  But, what God wants us to take seriously is how we do the work of the Bible and how we interact with/care for others. God is not concerned with transactions, but transformations - meaning what changes happen deeper inside our minds and our hearts." - Sarah