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Oct 09, 2022 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Undesirable Territory

The Examen is an ancient spiritual practice in which we consider the questions, “For what moment today am I most grateful? For what moment today am I least grateful?”


There are myriad ways to pose that question. Each formulation of the question can prod a different focus and, thus, different responses. “When did I feel most alive today? When did I most feel life draining out of me?” Or, “When today did I have the greatest/least sense of belonging with God, with myself, with the community?”


The desire for connection seems to be hardwired into us. We long to connect with our selves, with others, with a community, and with God. But what do we do when we feel disconnected from God, from community, even from ourselves? What do we do when we find ourselves in places (physically or metaphorically) we don’t want to be? What does it mean to be faithful then?


With the prophet Jeremiah and Gospel of Luke as our guides, Pastor Dave will consider those questions and more this Sunday, October 9th, in his sermon, “Undesirable Territory.”


Worship with us Sundays at 10:00am in person or online via our Woodridge UMC YouTube Channel. All are welcome!