A Voice in the Crowd

10.30.20 | by Rev Danita Anderson

This coming Sunday is All Saints' Day where we recognize members of the church who have joined the Church Triumphant.  On our minds (and our list) are three (3) of our charter members.  Persons who were committed to carrying out the message of Jesus Christ here in a fledgling suburb.  Their legacy of mission and ministry..... left in our hands.  Yes, it's now up to us!!!


But in our day and time, that's a very difficult task.  The places where they saw the greatest need are places that have changed tremendously.  Caring for others is not the same or as easy as it used to be.  But their voices, now silenced by the hand of time and space, are still as loud as ever in our hearts and mind.  Yes, we hear "THE VOICE IN THE CROWD".  


As we reflect and remember, we light a candle in their memory and as a reminder to us who still hear their voices, that their light is to show us the way.  Their light reminds us that our task is to brighten the world as we travel through it, finding ways to show God's love to a world that seemingly knows only darkness.


You are invited to have a candle ready to be lit during the worship service Sunday morning as a reminder that there are those who have already paved the way for us, showing us the places that need light.  Let's continue to find ways to walk in that light that brings hope to those who only know darkness.


Please join us on Sunday morning on YouTube at 10:00 a.m. and have a candle ready when you begin the worship service.


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