ExtraOrdinary Time

06.16.23 | by Rev Dave Buerstetta

How do I encapsulate 28 years of memories, moments, and mission at Woodridge UMC, and combine that with my hopes and dreams for your abundant future…all in an 18 minute sermon? 

Answer: I don’t know if I can. But I’m going to try. 

(What? It is possible for a sermon to clock in at 18 minutes. You know…give or take.) 

Also, yeah, I’m breaking all the rules and writing in first person this time. Please don’t tell the grammar police. (Oh wait, too late. She reads these emails too.) 

I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’m being a little selfish this week. Here’s what I mean: 

We will sing songs I enjoy with lyrics that I love. Even though we might be tired of singing some of them. Can you guess which songs?
(Before you read the attached worship guide. “But, Dave, that’s not cheating, it’s making use of the resources available to us!”)

We will read more scripture than usual. Why? I want to reflect on them with you one last time.
So we’ll spend a little time with Micah.
We’ll recount what is arguably the most currently relevant story from The Acts of the Apostles.
We’ll bask in the beauty of Paul’s letter to the Philippians.
And of course we will hear from Jesus. The Gospel of Luke gives us what I think is Jesus’ best advice for living into your glorious next chapter as a community of faith.

Where have we been together? Who is God calling us to be in the future? 

I will do my best to put that all together this Sunday, June 18th, in my final sermon with you—a message I’m calling, “ExtraOrdinary Time.” 

Worship with us Sunday at 10:00am in person or online via our Woodridge UMC YouTube Channel. All are welcome!

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