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Apr 03, 2022 | Rev Danita Anderson

A Glimpse of God's Vision

Here we are at the 5th Sunday of our Lenten journey.  Seems like Ash Wednesday was just yesterday!  Sorry to say that it was not!  We are almost at Holy Week.  

Throughout this journey  this year we have focused on The Creation Story, the Garden of Eden and the most famous (and publicized) declaration in the Bible: John 3:16.  We have been re-introduced and reminded of our relationship with God through examples and assurances that God is with us. 

As we look ahead at the steep climb through Holy Week, we pause this week for one last reflection on "GOD'S VISION".  What did God have in mind for us and is God still there with us?  We know the walk through Holy Week is not for the faint of heart!  What do we need to know, do and be prepared for with Holy Week looming in the distance?  What part do we play?   

This is our last week to make sure that we are strapped in properly and ready for the emotional roller coaster ride that is ahead of us!!  Let's make sure we have all the instructions and safety precautions in place! 

Join us on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in person or on YouTube to make sure our vision is aligned with "GOD'S VISION"!!