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Sep 29, 2019 | Rev Danita Anderson

It Takes A Village

Last week we talked about Jacob and his wrestling with the angel/God all night long.  We reminded ourselves that The Struggle is Real but we are "marked" as God's chosen to be the embodiment of love, grace and mercy to others.  This week, we travel a little further into the Old Testament into the book of Exodus as we look at the birth and call of Moses.  There are so many factors that went into the "rescue" of Moses and why God set him aside for this time and place.  But there were others....some named and some unnamed... who helped Moses escape the wrath of Pharoah.  Midwives, aunts and oppressors who helped give birth to the freedom of a people.


We live in a world and time where we are the midwives, aunts and oppressors that need to continue to give birth to what God's realm is really like.  This process, which is very complicated and complex, calls for the participation of all of us.  IT TAKES A VILLAGE to bring about God's kin-dom here on earth as it is in heaven.  And that is our task for Sunday, to find our place in the process of ushering God's presence into our world, our community, our church and our family.