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Oct 11, 2020 | Rev Danita Anderson

Overcoming Convenient Amnesia

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about our faith journey and how similar it is to the journey of the Israelites as told in Exodus. There story/journey is a reflection of our story/journey.  The blessing is that we have the benefit of looking at the journey and learning from the lessons that they had to learn the "hard way".


While we may not always see it as clearly, we sometimes get a little distracted on the journey.  Challenges get to be too much for us to handle and we turn to other means...we forget where we have been, what we have been through and how we got through. Life is difficult and we want to know how long before this craziness is over!!  How much longer before Jesus gets back?  It's a classic case of "convenient amnesia"!!!


So what do we do?  How can we move forward and not focus on what is behind us or what used to be?  Let's see if we can come up with some ways to move to "Overcoming Convenient Amnesia"?  Join me on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. on YouTube.