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Jun 12, 2022 | Rev Dave Buerstetta

Trinity Traps and How to Avoid Them

“Did you hear? This week is Trinity Sunday!” 

That’s so cool! Does that mean Carrie-Anne Moss will be in church with us Sunday? 

“What?! No! Well, I mean, not as far as I know. Wait, why in the world would you think that she would be here?” 

Because you said this is Trinity Sunday, so of course I assumed Trinity would be here. Duh

“What are talking ab…Oh. Oh my. Um, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Trinity Sunday doesn’t have anything to do with The Matrix movies.” 

It doesn’t?!? Then what could Trinity Sunday even mean?? 

“It’s the Sunday after Pentecost, when we celebrate the Trinity. 

The, uh, what now? 

“You know, the Trinity. As the hymn goes, ‘God in three persons, blessed Trinity.’ The theological concept we use to describe (really to approximate as best we can) who God is in God’s self. The Trinity!” 

That…that doesn’t really help. You know that, right? 

“Oh, just go watch this video, will you please? I think it will help. Or at least make you laugh. We could all use a little laugh, couldn’t we?” 

What is the deal with The Trinity?
How did we arrive at this idea for God?
How has it been used?
What good does it provide?
And, really, why should we care about The Trinity? 

Pastor Dave will tackle those questions and more this Sunday, June 12th, in his sermon, “Trinity Traps and How to Avoid Them.” 

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