Outreach Prayers

Support UMC missions and ministries through prayer

Each month the Outreach Committee requests prayers for a United Methodist missionary and a church with whom we have a relationship: 

February 2019

 March 2019

 April 2019

  •  & Rev. Nkemba Ndjung, UMC missionaries to Cameroon
  • Bantacan UMC, Philippines, home church of the Agustin family

 May 2019

  • Jane and Larry Kies, UMC missionaries to Zimbabwe
  • Bonfal UMC,Philippines, home church of the Viernes family

 June 2019

 July 2019

  • Rebecca  & Mark Smallwood, UMC Associates in Mission at Red Bird Mission, Kentucky
  • Paniqui UMC and Carino UMC, Philippines, home churches of the Lamorena family

 August 2019

  • Betty Tshala, UMC missionaries to Zambia
  • Brookes Point UMC, Philippines, Jane Borgehammer's family is from Brooke's Point

 September 2019

 October 2019

 November 2019

  • Samuel Bruce, volunteer to the Methodist Church of Ghana
  • North Fairview UMC, Philippines, home church of the Tolentino family

 December 2019

  • Clara Midrula Biswas, UMC missionary to Cambodia
  • Victoria UMC, Philippines, church and school near where Elsie Munar grew up