Just Enough Grace

06.04.21 | by Rev Danita Anderson

So how does if feel to receive a gift you know you don't deserve?  And then to be given the gift again?  And again? Day after day?  That's kinda what God does in our lives.  We get opportunity after opportunity to live our best life, correct mistakes of the past and gain new perspectives.  


We can learn from Paul's discussion with the church at Corinth about God's gifts to us even when we do not deserve them.  How do we share that with persons in our world, our community who can only see despair or disillusionment?  I'm sure there are some ideas for that so let's take a look.  Join us on Sunday at 10 a.m..  You are welcome to join us in person by just showing up or catch us on YouTube.  Don't miss it!!


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